Carpet Chameleon

Carpet ChameleonFurcifer lateralis   Carpet chameleons come from Madagascar and are also known as Jewelled chameleons because of their stunning colours.  It is the female that sports the familiar eye pattern but the male can display lovely greens with [...]

Panther Chameleon

Panther ChameleonFurcifer pardalis Panther chameleons come from Madagascar and are found in different locations, giving rise to many colour morphs.  It is the male that carries the brightest colours but the females are pretty in their pink or brown [...]

Bearded Dragons – Housing & Feeding

Bearded Dragons – Part 2By Judy Bush Hons BCom – From IntroductionOnce you have decided that you want to purchase a Bearded Dragon (See Part 1 in this magazine’s May/June issue), it would be a good idea to [...]

Questions and answers about full spectrum lighting

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT FULL SPECTRUM Much advertising information has recently focused on UVB production in various reptile lights. New information and discussions with other reptile veterinarians has tended create much confusion, and emphasize the fact that more information [...]

Exo Terra Lighting Guide

Introduction The Exo Terra Reptile Lighting Guide provides information on the various types of reptile lighting available, complete with an in-depth explanation about light and the crucial part it plays in successful reptile keeping. More is not always better! [...]

Breeding Crickets

GETTING STARTED You will need some things that we will list below to breed, hatch and raise crickets for feeding your reptiles and amphibians. Keep in mind there’s always more economical ways to do everything but we’ll let you [...]

Care of the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach – (Gromphadorhina portentosa) Introduction:Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches are large, wingless, live-bearing cockroaches. They make a good starter cockroach species. They’re relatively common, inexpensive, and very interesting and also make a great food item for reptiles, large tarantulas, [...]

Caring and Breeding Superworms

Superworm – (Zophobas morio) Introduction:The scientific name for the Superworm is Zophobas Morio.  It is also known as Kingworms or Morio worms.  Superworms are NOT Mealworms. Superworms are an excellent part of a varied diet for many reptiles and [...]

Care Sheet for GIANT Congo Millipedes

Feeding:Giant Congo millipedes eat slices of orange and cucumber. Put the food in a dish. Extra protein is needed so provide high quality dog food (Keep these dry). Millipedes drink a lot so you need a dish of fresh water, [...]

Care Sheet for Stick Insects

FEEDING:Most types eat bramble (blackberry) leaves. The Latin name for bramble is Rubus discolor. Many stick insects also eat eucalyptus. The Indian stick insect (the most common variety) also eats privet and ivy leaves. Peruvian stick insects only eat [...]

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