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Tetra Medica lifeguard is a highly effective cure for common fish diseases. Its totally different to existing medicines as its based on a new unique ingredient called N-halamine which is more effective than other medications.

Tetra Medica lifeguard can be used to treat such ailments as white spot, fungus, flukes, mouth rot and fin rot and works by disinfecting the aquarium of harmful micro-organisms.

Tetra Medica Lifeguard dosage instructions:

-Use 1 tablet of medica lifeguard for every 30 litres of aquarium water every 24 hours for 5 continuous days

Tetra Medica lifeguard contains 10 tablets per pack Benefits over traditional medicines

– More effective against diseases such as whitespot- No risk of micro

-organisms becoming resistant

– No discolouration of the water

– Easier to use

– just drop the tablets into the aquarium

5 day course for 60 litre aquarium

– Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms, including parasites, bacteria & fungi risks

As the product contains a form of chlorine it is important to do a 25% water change after the course of treatment and to top your tank up with good bacteria booster such as Tetra Safe start to ensure any small amounts of the good bacteria lost during treatment are instantly replaced.

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