Water Garden Oasis Pond Matrix 2,000ml


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Product Description

Pond Matrix™ is a high porosity biomedia that provides efficient biofiltration for the removal of nitrogenous waste in ponds. Plastic bio-materials provide only external surface area, whereas Pond Matrix™ provides internal macroporous surface area. These macropores are ideally sized for the support of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. This allows Pond Matrix™, unlike other forms of biomedia, to remove nitrate along with ammonia and nitrite, simultaneously and in the same filter.

Pond Matrix™ is completely inert and will not breakdown. It need not be replaced. It is also more suitable for use as a clean soil replacement for growing pond plants. Use 1–2 Liters of Pond Matrix™ for each 100 US gallons. Since the majority of the bacteria are internal, Pond Matrix™ may be rinsed when needed without damaging the filter. Pond Matrix™ is compatible with all types of wet or wet-dry filters.

Key Features:

  • High capacity biofiltration aquatic plant substrate
  • High porosity product designed to provide exceptionally efficient biofiltration
  • Removes ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite from decorative ponds thereby promoting a healthy environment for both fish and aquatic plants
  • Also serves as clean soil replacement allowing the culture of aquatic plants without the use of muddy soils
  • 1 Liter treats 100 US gallons


  • For filtration use 2 Liters of Pond Matrix for each 200 gallons of water
  • Use in any pond filter
  • Pond Matrix is sufficiently large that a filter bag should not be necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your filter
  • Pond Matrix should never need replacing
  • Pond Matrix makes an excellent support for root development of aquatic plants and may be used directly on the bottom of the
    pond or in pots. This avoids the use of soil in the pond. It may be used alone, mixed or overlayered with river rock
  • For pond bottom use, it should be presoaked for several days and allowed to become water-logged and sink (although a high current will disrupt it)
  • Pond Matrix is inorganic and will not decompose or pollute the water