Secure Payments



Reptile City Pet Care Products & Accessories give you the choice of how you would like to pay for your order.

Paying By Credit/Cheque Card

We accept all VISA and MasterCard branded Credit and Cheque Cards.

Rest assured that all payment made through Reptile City are secured by PayFast and 3D Secure technology.

Read more about 3D Secure below.

Paying By EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

If you have chosen to pay for your Order by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or directly into our bank account at any FNB Branch nation-wide, please use the following banking details and be sure to include your Order Number as your payment reference.

Note: to ensure that your order is processed in the quickest possible time, please don’t forget to send us proof of payment to

Bank Details

Account Name: Reptile City
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Account Number: 62833577143
Account Type: Cheque/Current
Branch Name: FNB Remote Banking
Branch Code: 250655
Reference: Your Order Number

Learn about 3D Secure

Reptile City Pet Care Products & Accessories takes online payment security seriously and is 3D Secure Enabled for all VISA and MasterCard transactions.

3D Secure shopping ensures that your credit card payments on are even safer and more secure. With the introduction of 3D Secure, your credit card purchase will first be authorised, through a One-Time Password generated from your bank, before the payment will be accepted by your bank.

What is 3D Secure and how does it work?

3D Secure is a joint Visa and MasterCard initiative which makes online shopping in South Africa safer and more secure.

3D Secure is an online credit card payment authentication standard developed by major card companies in order to make online credit card transactions more secure and to decrease the risk of fraudulent use of credit card payments online.

You will need to verify your online purchase using the One-Time Password (OTP) SMS technology (as with online banking when you verify payments and add beneficiaries etc.). With 3D Secure, your online credit card payment is redirected to the website of your bank for authorisation after which a One-Time Pin (OTP) is sent to your cell phone. You then need to enter that password online, in an authentication page, for the payment to be accepted by your bank. This One-Time Password is only ever known to you and the bank that issued your credit card and Reptile City will never have access to it.

How do I enroll for 3D Secure?

All the major SA banks have enrolled all Visa and Mastercard credit card clients for 3D Secure. All that you need to do is activate your card.

Please contact your bank to find out how you can enroll for 3D Secure on your credit card. Certain foreign credit card issuers, do not yet subscribe to 3D Secure. And these card holders will not be required to enter a One-Time Password when purchasing.

Once you have activated your credit card for 3D Secure and you want to make a credit card purchase on, you will be prompted to enter your credit card details. The bank that issued your credit card will then require that you verify you are the card holder (for example by entering your pin code or one-time password).

3D Secure was made mandatory for all online VISA and MasterCard transactions on 28 February 2014. If you do not want to activate your credit card for 3D Secure, you always have the option to pay vie EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) using the bank details detailed above.

How will 3D Secure affect my experience on

3D Secure will hardly affect your experience on Reptilecity. When you use your credit card to make a payment, you will receive a One-Time Password via SMS to your cell phone which you simply type into the 3D Secure Screen which will pop-up when you confirm a payment. Once you enter that code your transaction will be verified and will be completed.

This additional verification shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Will I be charged any additional fees to use 3D Secure?

No. All SMS and other costs are funded by Visa, MasterCard and the Banks.

How does 3D Secure benefit me?

Online shopping is already very secure with high levels of security and encryption whenever you use your credit card. 3D Secure is the next layer up of security whereby your credit card is further protected from any unauthorised use. So you can shop in total confidence that your card is protected at all times.

Visa and MasterCard as well as the major South African Banks require all merchants to implement 3D Secure. 3D Secure will is now part of the online shopping process for all South Africans. This is a good thing as, while it may take a few seconds longer for each transaction, it will certainly strengthen the integrity of online shopping via credit card.